One-Act Plays

(Northeastern University’s Silver Masque, Production 2018)
(SPARC’s New Voices for the Theater, Staged Reading 2012)
The play traces the trajectory of two relationships: one modern, the other Victorian. A semi-omniscient narrator who has dedicated his career to bringing lovers together attempts to set-up these two different couples with their appropriate mate. His plan goes awry, however, when the couples realize they can interact with one another. How has romance changed, how has it remained the same, and what happens when the present collides with the past?

SHUTTER SPEED / one-act comic-drama
(SPARC’s New Voices for the Theater, Staged Reading 2013)
An engaged woman discovers that the wedding photographer hired by her fiancé is also her ex-boyfriend. The play explores the effect of timing on critical aspects of romantic relationships.

10-Minute Plays

BUYING THE COW / 10-minute comedy
(Northeastern University’s Silver Masque, Production 2016)
A newlywed couple that chose to save sex until marriage discover some unexpected qualities about each other on their wedding night.

SHORT DISTANCE / 10-minute drama
(Northeastern University’s Silver Masque, Production 2015)
Press: Students write one-act plays – The Huntington News
With individual post-graduation plans on the horizon, two college students in a long-distance relationship must make a decision regarding their future together.

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